RemoteDBA: Around-the-Clock Assurance On-premises and in the Cloud

It is like hiring an experienced Postgres DBA who works 24x7x365.


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The Fundamental Monitoring Setup No Database Should Be Without

How do you ensure your mission critical applications are available 24x7x365? How do you make sure your databases on-premises and in the cloud both receive professional level of care and service? Are the right levels of expertise and resources in place? Our RemoteDBA Service provides the fundamental monitoring setup that no database system should be without.


RemoteDBA Services


If you need 24x7 professional database services, on-premises or in the cloud, and want to optimize your in-house resources for other projects, consider the benefits of the RemoteDBA Service from EnterpriseDB. We will immediately apply qualified, cost-effective manpower where you need it.


Premium Management - More than Monitoring Alone

Deliver leading-edge application innovation based on open-source technology at an affordable price point with the RemoteDBA Service from EnterpriseDB (EDB). This premium service offers comprehensive and proactive DBMS management, with a technical leader who oversees the establishment of a HA infrastructure, DR planning, scalability advice, capacity analysis, tuning and more, with continuous monitoring and reporting on ongoing environment health and activities.  With the EDB RemoteDBA Service, you get this specialized attention, delivered by experienced and certified Postgres DBAs.


RemoteDBA Services


Timely, Affordable, and Reliable, Always at Your Service

We’ll ensure your Postgres databases are running at peak performance, 24x7. RemoteDBA is more cost-effective than hiring a team of experienced Postgres DBAs. It comes with the added benefit of 24x7x365 service, and our team responds to all system alerts promptly. We utilize enterprise tools for monitoring and to ensure database resiliency requirements are met, creating the ideal enterprise solution for maintaining a robust, world-class database environment, on a budget.


RemoteDBA Services


Close Your Cloud Gap

Your organization may be utilizing Amazon RDS or other cloud platforms for cost-efficiency, elastic capacity, and standardization. Cloud providers manage basic database administration, but often lack in-depth Postgres-specific expertise. Through the RemoteDBA Service, EDB will bring our experience, skills, and established service infrastructure to provide you in-depth, specific, and ongoing care and tuning of your Postgres databases in the cloud.

Or consider the EDB Managed DBaaS Service, a fully managed, "white glove" DBaaS service for Postgres delivers in the Public Cloud. 


RemoteDBA Services


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EDB is ready to provide you 24x7 professional database services, on-premises and in the cloud, so you can optimize your in-house resources for strategic projects. Our certified Postgres DBAs have years of Postgres experience and we have the deepest set of community resources available to utilize.

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