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Gartner Report: Reviews & Ratings of 11 Operational DBMS Products

Gartner Report

Your quick guide to evaluating the most important functional capabilities of operational database management systems. Get the information you need to make an informed decision as you determine the right operational DBMS for your organization. In this report, Gartner shares:

Gartner 2017 OPDBMS Magic Quadrant

The number of vendors recognized by Gartner in the annual OPDBMS Magic Quadrant has decreased nearly 65% since 2015, dropping from 31 to only 11 in 2017. The database industry has consolidated yet EDB continues to support a growing part of the market.

The Digital Race Is On

In this eBook, The Digital Race Is On, EnterpriseDB explores how enterprises adapt to digitalization. Learn how to choose the right digital platform to achieve digital leadership, how to bridge existing IT with digital technology, and what challenges you will encounter.

EDB Postgres Welcomes MySQL Users

Postgres’ long-term native support for ACID compliance, Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC), data and referential integrity, server side programs (triggers and stored procedures), and fine-grained access controls are much more mature and stable than MySQL, which only has started implementing

Technical Comparison of EDB Postgres Enterprise and Oracle Enterprise

If you've played with the idea of building a new database with EDB Postgres Enterprise but have avoided doing so because you are not sure if it has the features you need or are accustomed to using in Oracle, then wait no longer. This eBook compares in depth the capabilities in both Oracle Enterpr

Security Best Practices for Postgres

This white paper presents a framework and a series of recommendations to secure and protect a Postgres database. We discuss a layered security model that addresses physical security, network security, host access control, database access management, and data security.