Thursday April 26, 2018 2:00 pm EDT

Organizations using Postgres can slash database costs by 80% or more and reduce their reliance on costly proprietary database solutions. A study by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command concluded that government organizations could achieve Oracle cost avoidance of 95% by moving to EnterpriseDB's (EDB) Postgres Plus Advanced Server.

This webcast will take a closer look at migrating from Oracle to EDB Postgres, and provide tips for a successful migration. Join our webcast to hear more on:

  • EDB's Oracle compatibility
  • Why EDB is the best way to migrate from Oracle
  • How to use the EDB migration toolkit

EDB extends the PostgreSQL core with software enhancements for enterprise-class performance and security. Additionally, EDB develops tools for Postgres database monitoring, tuning, high availability, and replication.