If you are seeking ways to improve your cloud database environment with EDB Postgres, this presentation will show how you can create a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) with EDB Postgres on AWS!

For IT teams seeking ways to develop faster in the Cloud or with DBaaS, EDB Ark is the most reliable solution for easy database provisioning and management for Postgres. It includes constant health and performance monitoring, automatic storage management, elastic scale up for heavy read workloads, self-healing with auto-failover, and point-in-time recovery.

Listen to Sandra Wiecki, Director Product Marketing at EnterpriseDB, and Jason Davis, Senior Director Product Management at EnterpriseDB, for an overview of EDB Ark and how it can play a key role in your digital transformation with more agility and speed. 

You will see an On-Demand demo and learn how to:

●      Use EDB Ark to integrate with your existing AWS environment and other clouds

●      Automate your database deployments to instantly spin up new databases

●      Manage your database environment easier using the same GUI for all clouds

●      Boost developer efficiency and satisfaction

Whether your database is currently in the cloud or you are considering the cloud as an option, this On-Demand presentation will provide you with the information you need to evaluate EDB Postgres and EDB Ark.

Target Audience:

This presentation is intended for Enterprise Architects and DBAs who are responsible for the design of data management environments. Viewers will learn how to overcome the limitations of traditional hardware provisioning and software installation using EDB Ark for hybrid cloud deployments.

Webcast Author: 
Sandra Wiecki, Director, Product Marketing
Jason Davis, Sr. Director, Product Management