Mariner xVu

Mariner is the leading global provider of Video Service Oriented MonitoringTM (vSOM) and management platforms for multiscreen networks with its headquarters in New Brunswick, Canada. Mariner’s innovative, award-winning flagship product, Mariner xVu™ allows service providers to offer a reliable, high-quality viewing experience; rapidly isolate IPTV network issues; and cost-effectively reduce truck rolls (dispatching a technician to a home) to ensure a superior broadband and IPTV service. Mariner xVu is the world’s most deployed monitoring solution, with 7 million devices under management.

The Challenge: Targeting a New Market – SMBs

 Mariner was researching how to expand into new market segments, such as small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Mariner realized the database used at the time by the Mariner xVu suite would be too costly to target SMB customers, and needed to focus on a lower cost database solution. Mariner looked for an open source-based database solution with a lower cost of ownership for its service provider customers.

The Solution: Postgres Plus Advanced Server for Scalability

Mariner had concerns about building an in-house custom Postgres solution in which Mariner would be solely responsible for development and support. EnterpriseDB had a proven Postgres solution in place, complete with support options. Mariner selected Postgres Plus Advanced Server for its scalability and its ability to handle high transaction throughput loads. With the solution, Mariner xVu customers would realize significant cost reductions by replacing a higher cost commercial product with an enterprise-class open source database. Mariner asked EnterpriseDB to provide support, training and expertise in PostgreSQL. With EnterpriseDB, Mariner got enterprise-class support without the enterprise-class price tag.

Successful Implementation

Customer implementations began in 2009 and continue today. Through telephone support, the EnterpriseDB Support Management team was there to help Mariner DBAs with interactive tutorials and webinars. Mariner found the EnterpriseDB response time to be excellent and well within industry standards. An active EnterpriseDB user community ensured answers to any Mariner questions were quickly addressed. The vacuum feature in Advanced Server proved to be most useful to Mariner DBAs as they were able to reduce the amount of time they spent monitoring the databases.

Savings Delivered through Postgres

Using EnterpriseDB has allowed Mariner to eliminate costs associated with buying and updating its server hardware, significantly reducing its operating system and database software costs. The installation, configuration and management consumes much less time from a resource perspective, allowing Mariner to use time more efficiently. Mariner experienced savings in database administration costs and licensing. EnterpriseDB provided a way to manage the current transaction volume of the current architecture while also giving Mariner the capacities it needed in terms of space and performance.