Data Connectors

EDB Postgres Data Adapters are Postgres Foreign Data Wrappers, implementing the SQL/MED (Management of External Data) standard to provide transparent data integration to support data federation in digital business solutions. The remote data sources include MongoDB®, Hadoop®, and MySQL™.








EDB Replication Server

EDB Replication Server (EPRS) provides a robust data replication platform that replicates between Postgres databases in a single-master or multi-master mode, or from non-Postgres databases to Postgres in a single master mode. EPRS provides geographic load balancing, simplifies real-time migration, and enables heterogeneous data integration.






EDB Postgres Advanced Server can natively execute Oracle’s PL/SQL dialect of the SQL programming language, and thus preserve the critical business logic that lives in the database as Table Triggers, Stored Procedures, and Functions. EDB's compatibility technology and tools reduce the technical, re-training, and integration risks of moving off Oracle.