Leverage existing skills while streamlining migration

EDB Postgres Advanced Server offers a number of compatibility features for Oracle databases—making life easier for DBAs and developers as they move.


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Don't Start from Scratch
As your organization develops new or migrates existing applications, compatibility with Oracle empowers you to:

Maintain Performance Levels
Execute PL/SQL commands natively without affecting performance.

Reuse Existing Code
With familiar language and tools, you can avoid rewriting of core business logic.

Integrate and Replicate
Integrate into Oracle environments with heterogeneous replication or direct database links.

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The Smarter Migration Option
With EDB Postgres Advanced Server, you can take advantage of a streamlined migration process. How do we do this? By natively understanding and executing the original PL/SQL without emulation or translation layers and very little code rewriting. 

  • Avoid Risk. With the EDB Postgres compatibility layer, the required Oracle features are already built in—removing the need for potentially problematic code rewrites. Other solutions involve lots of code changes that can lead to major features missing, as well as tedious manual updates. 
  • Move Quickly. By offering a seamless migration process, EnterpriseDB can help your organization more easily realize up to 80% savings on your current licensing fees. Each day counts when you’re considering the potential ROI of moving away from Oracle’s steep licensing costs.

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“We only gave our DBAs very basic training on how to connect to Postgres, and they were up and running very quickly.”


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  - Systems Software Engineer, European Financial Services Institution


Student Testing Case Study  

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“The EDB Postgres system outperformed similar systems. We called it Oracle-lite because it ran better, faster, and more effectively than our comparable systems that were based on Oracle.”

  - IT Director of Data Management, U.S. Student Testing and Assessment Company  



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