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April 16, 2019

New Parameters for Password Profiles

Here in this blog, I’ll explain some new parameters for password profiles like PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME, PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX, and PASSWORD_ALLOW_HASHED (Added in v11). In the end, we will touch upon the DEFAULT profile.


To restrict the user from setting a password that is either the same as that of the last few passwords or that has been used too recently, PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME and PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX are used. PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME specifies the number of days a user must wait before reusing a password whereas PASSWORD_REUSE_MAX specifies the number of password changes that must occur before a password can be reused.

Let's assume you want to prevent the user from reusing the same password within three days and want to require the user to change the password at least two times before reusing the same password.

>>Continue reading on Postgres Rocks to see what the ALTER PROFILE command will look like.


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