EDB Postgres Ark Platform

Self service database provisioning with enterprise controls.

Flexibility and Control

EDB Ark, a component of the EDB Postgres Platform, allows organizations to set up their own Database as a Service (DBaaS). This enables their end users to provision EDB Postgres Advanced Server or PostgreSQL databases in single instances, on high-availability and secure clusters, or for application development sandboxes on public and private clouds powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.



DBaaS platform for managing multi-cloud deployments


Intuitive UI

Unified UI to manage deployments across multiple clouds and availability zones


Enterprise Ready

Highly available clusters, with data encryption, load balancing, and multi-zone replication


Using Ark with EDB Postgres also makes data migrations to the cloud a snap.

Platform Availability

EDB Ark is available on several deployment platforms, including:

The Advantages of Ark

Seizing Opportunities of Cloud

EDB Postgres Ark simplifies the process of provisioning Enterprise Postgres deployments, while taking advantage of the benefits of cloud computing.

EDB Postgres Ark allows for:


    Straightforward creation of Postgres clusters


    Automatic backup and recovery


    Load balancing, monitoring and management


    Secure and transparent connections


    Interfacing using the GUI or a JSON Compatible API


    Connecting applications directly or through pgPool


    Accessing the full database via SSH

Graphic of Ark structure
Graphic for scale out and scale up

Scale Out and Scale Up

EDB Postgres Ark provides scale out for increased read performance and increased data storage. In addition you can scale up to increase RAM or CPU. Scaling thresholds for number of server connections or percentage of storage used can be used to automatically add new replicas or increase the storage assigned to the cluster.

Continuous Data Replication

Ark clusters can also be used in conjunction with EDB Replication Server. This allows for the creation of fully integrated digital business solutions that bridge from traditional on-premises databases running on SQL Server and Oracle Database, to DBaaS solutions running on Postgres. This approach combines the functionality of migration capabilities with the continuous data replication capabilities to allow users to migrate to open source-based solutions with minimal downtime.

Graphic for data replication

Integration with Postgres Enterprise Manager®

Ark consoles are deployed with a version of EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager® (PEM), an enterprise management tool. It assists database administrators, system architects, and performance analysts in administering, monitoring, and tuning PostgreSQL and EnterpriseDB Advanced Server database servers.


    Manage and monitor a handful of servers or hundreds of servers from a single console


    Complete control over all aspects of your databases


    Pre-configured PEM server, a PEM agent, and the PEM backing database


    Perform advanced monitoring and management of your Ark clusters with the PEM web interface

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